In Mari El death knocked down a pedestrian, who was standing on the road.

September 23, 2015 - News of Yoshkar-Ola and Mari El On the roads of the Mari El September 22 there were 2 accidents in which 2 persons were injured and one - died. Also, the traffic police stopped a timber 2, one of which did not meet the numbers, and the other was carrying timber without documents. Details on the two accidents have told the group to promote road safetytraffic police in safety vest Interior Ministry of the Mari El Republic.

The tragic accident occurred on September 22 at about 20 o'clock on the 43-kilometer road Shelanger-Morki. VAZ-2114, which ruled the 51-year-old driver, according to preliminary information, hit a 50-year-old pedestrian. A man was standing on the roadway; it was dark clothing without reflective tape. The pedestrian died at the scene, and the driver was taken to hospital.

Another accident occurred three hours later on the 77 kilometer of Yoshkar-Ola, Zelenodolsk Volga region. According to preliminary information, 30-year-old driver of "Nine" did not choose safe speed, eventually drove the car on concrete block.


The obligatory reflective tape for pedestrians, who move after dark on the road, stand the Ministry of Transport. Therefore preparing an amendment to the Act, which wants successive night pedestrians on the shoulder, ordered to wear reflective material? He wants to avoid unnecessary tragic accidents in which pedestrians on the road to die. Usually just after dark.

That such a step has meaning, to confirm the words of SCUBA. "The Liberec region has recently experienced several conflicts of vehicles and pedestrians, mostly fatal consequences. And it is almost always the same. Drivers say they never saw either the pedestrian or until the last minute, "he says.

If the amendment to the law passed and reflective elements would be mandatory for night pedestrians, it could push even more news from the Technical University of Liberec (TUL). It came in early March with groundbreaking safety feature that can be used in addition to pedestrians and joggers or cyclists with safety vest. "It is a light carrying optical fibers disposed in a cavity fabric that can switch at any time if necessary switched on or off," explained George Milady Department of material engineering TUL, who came up with the idea.

Fibers can be used for children's briefcases, backpacks made of reflective material, jackets, strollers. It is fed frequently the most common type AAA batteries and products with fibers can after removing the source and commercially laundered.

Visibility: up to one kilometer.

The light carrying fibers have over conventional reflective elements advantage. Because they do not need direct exposure, i.e. they are exposed to light. Now it is a problem on the roads, for example when cornering or uneven ground.


Because autumn is already in full swing, we tested for you all you need to do to catch cold, but it is not cook in its own juices.

The main role therefore will be women's reflective vest. From the perspective of anything interesting - black leggings. They made of an elastic solid material (not cold and it dries fast), and have a total sophisticated editing, especially in the knees and thighs, making it sits perfectly, never rushing. In the rear bottom of the legs missing zip that makes it better dress.

Plus a small inner pocket for keys, money or a handkerchief, which solves the awkward question "what to do with him." Minus is the absence of larger pockets, which has, however pants from the new collection they have. On the evening runs, you should definitely add reflective tape (for a typical H & M), which extend over the entire length of the thighs. The only drawbacks I see in his pants lower the seat - after long running pants down. Not that they fell, but someone that might not be pleasant. Leggings from the new collection have already seed higher and can be downloaded on the cord.

Reflective T-shirt with long sleeves and a hood pleased me most. It comes in two colors - gray-pink and gray-black with pattern batik. (These colors go through half of the current collection.) Sits perfectly on the body but not too tight, the sleeves are long and are just a hole for the thumb (perfect for chilly women). The hood is the perfect solution when you descend if you run in the cold. No need to carry a hat, hood replaces it well (while running does not fall from the head) and whenever it can be removed. Very pleasant is the reflective material: feels soft and thin at the bottom lightly brushed, so it is nice, but not hot. Also well away sweat and dries quickly.


If a message from us can prevent one collision, it's just good. Our goal's not handing out as many fines as possible. Our job is to prevent crime. Said police superintendent Haggier Rumsfeld, who wears the uniform with reflective material, spent Saturday mornings out on the road. At the start of the weekend he embarked following message face book group "Avoid police checks!

"I have very credible information indicating that police in Verso now last Christmas weekend is going to ensure that drivers are sober and are ensuring that Blurter is sufficiently ice-free (and elsewhere have sufficient visibility). Drive safely; take care of each other and good weekend.” The case was first published.

1. Giving away prizes

Saturday started police controls in Hvistendahl Gate. Cars were waved through, drivers asked to blow, and when the meter gave satisfactory results got the guides premiums.

We share the throat buffer for kids, reflective tape and an ice scraper to motorists. So if those who are going out to walk now in the dark months using reflexes, and those receiving Ice scraper use them on automobile windshields, then it becomes safer in traffic, says Rushfeldt to Finn mark.

2. Clever motorists

Police with safety vest have been visible over the last weekends can report good motorists. Mostly it makes people as they should. Some people get a little panic when they see that we are here, and turning up one exit earlier, but it does not mean anything other than that the license has been home. Nevertheless, we follow after to check, he says. And totally predictable police will not be.

Therefore, we are not in the same place so long a time, says Rushfeldt, as the resource is very pleased with weekend work.

Most people are very nice. Even in the Christmas rush think them its okay to be stopped, and most respond positively to the gifts, he said.


The accident happened in the morning, when the boy drove Hus Street towards the station.

"A cyclist without safety vest has failed to adapt its speed capabilities and characteristics of the bicycle and crashed," said police spokesman Pave Scab.

According to the spokesman the man suffered from the fact that the so-called saddled, a bicycle equipped with a direct transfer from the pedals to the wheel without freewheel, which forces the riders still pedaling. "Recently, it is a much enlarged fashion," he saw cockroaches.

In addition to the young man who, after carom ended up in the care of the Brno physicians, crashed early autumn day in several other cyclists.

"With the incoming autumn, I alerted all cyclists to underestimate their gear wheels - especially reflectors and lights in poor visibility. Also reflective material should belong to the standard bike. Indeed enable other road users more timely response, "added the spokesman.


Marcie Stewing, also known as reflective Angel. Man of six years riding a battered bicycle with a 3-foot trailer wearing vest with reflective tape and gives needy glare.

"Reflective Angel", i.e. Marcie Stewing, distributes in Lower Silesia reflective tape and label. All this for people is to be more visible on the road. It's his own mission, which undertook six years ago, when in Szczecin has witnessed deadly deductions girls at a pedestrian crossing. Since then, Poland embarks on a bike with a 3-foot trailer, in which he takes not only reflective material but also sleeps when you do not find other accommodations. Despite this, it does not forgive and reflective mission travels around the country:

In Jelenia Gora found no accommodation, so after loading the reflective bands given to him by one of the diagnostic station, went to Walbrzych. With the same mission:

Marcie Stewing of Lower Silesia will go to Opole, where he has from sponsors received another batch of tapes and reflective vest. Everywhere he goes, he has one mission, handing people glare and ask them to wear them.


Police officers as part of a nationwide campaign "sparkle" visited the Primary School in Ząbrowo. They discussed the basic principles of road safety and emphasized the important role of reflective tape. During the visit, the children were given reflective accessories, co-financed by the Municipality mayor Odawa.

The meeting was attended by the commander of the police district in Insp. Krzysztof Concert, first deputy commander of the Deputy Inspector. Wald mars Jackowski, Mayor of the Commune Odawa Krzysztof, and head of department of traffic Malone. Slalomed Kopeck and feeding grounds manager district police headquarters asp. Janus Dabrowski. Officers talked to the children about road safety, proper crossing the road, use the sidewalk or shoulder. In addition, the police remind children how important the role of reflective material worn on top of clothing or on the backpack. It is thanks to them walking are more visible to vehicle drivers, which often can save lives.

At the end of the meeting, to consolidate the information submitted, the children were givensafety vest with reflective bands.


It is the proposal to improve transit through the street. There would arise a pedestrian crossing and drive for bicycles or since cyclists are allowed to move new technical sidewalk along the Canal Fredonia. It was built under renovation trough.

Although it is not a classic bicycle path, because it allowed for a movement of pedestrians, cyclists can easily meet there. They should wearreflective tapes on clothing to make them visible. They feel safer there than going to and from the center of Gdansk busy Tract St. Delbert. The problem is that the way they said sidewalk intersects the street. Suburban - the busy street that connects among others Orinda upper with Orinda and further from the city center. Within an hour can ride there almost 3 thousand Cars. Some cyclists do not care for it and pass the road as if it were part of road cycling. Meanwhile, priority is given to their cars that cyclists should pass or get to located approx. 30 meters further crosswalks and bike perform that way. On the road it is sometimes so dangerous. Often, drivers are forced to brake suddenly. The problem already described the first year before.

On the road it is sometimes so dangerous. Often, drivers are forced to brake suddenly. The problem already described the first year before. Cyclists: it will be safer there may yet change. Gdansk Cycling Campaign reported to the Citizens Budget for next year project to improve safety, which includes, among others, a number of reconstructions on the existing cycling infrastructure. The project won the primaries vote took place during the Great RIDE Bike June 14, 2015 on. One of the improvements included in the project will be the demarcation of pedestrian with safety clothing crossings and a bicycle ride on the conflictual intersection. Cyclists and so that way can ride, do not introduce anything new. But we want to improve their safety there. In addition to the painted lane markings also want to set the mirrors and reflective material, which improve the visibility of all those who move there - says Michal Bait of the Gdansk Cycling Campaign. It also has a Yield sign appear of way to cyclists.


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